Windows 10 Customer Support Number

Windows 10 Customer Support Number is the best communication resource that Windows users can dial to get in touch with Microsoft Windows customer service executives at Microsoft support center. This number is a license to make direct communication with providers of general and technical customer support services. Windows 10 Microsoft help desk is always open for all who want to know anything about the latest and probably the last operating system from the leading technology giant Microsoft. As users can have pre, during, and post sales customer support services, a toll-free phone number makes things happen in the favor of technical support professionals. There are different phone numbers from Microsoft’s side that you can use to get the following support types:

  • Microsoft store sales and customer support
  • Technical support
  • Microsoft direct for businesses and large orders
  • Microsoft products bought elsewhere and online answer desk
  • In Store support

Now the question is why you should contact Windows 10 Microsoft help desk preferring a toll-free Windows technical support phone number over Windows 10 support live chat Windows 10 support message option. The best answer to the real query is that it is fast and directly connects you to Microsoft Windows support executive. When compared to other two communication channels, you are likely to get an instant response through a toll-free phone number. Even if your call is not attended instantly, you will be getting a call back from the support center. Things become more interactive and clear when there is a verbal communication between Windows support professionals and a Windows user.

A Windows technical support phone number helps you contact Win 10 Microsoft support technicians 24/7. This number can be dialed for availing a free and post customer service, whichever applies in your case. Free Microsoft support phone number is easy to find when you are online. Simply go to the official website of Windows 10 and get into the contact us section where you will find detailed information on way to get connected to the Microsoft support center. This section will render details of support center’s physical address, email address, phone number, and a location map to visit the store in personal. Windows technical support toll free numbers that you find on the website may be different due to geographical locations. You can also find a long list of phone numbers in an alphabetical order for almost all countries where Windows 10 products are sold.

Phone number for Microsoft Windows 10 support is also available not only on official websites of Windows but also in products manuals and boxes that you get while purchasing the Windows products. If you don’t find any of the way to get a phone number, then the best thing you can do is to type some keywords in popular search engines you are using and you will get some websites where you will get different phone numbers. You can try any number from your handheld devices or landline devices. Also follow proper timing and working days to make a phone call. It will be great if you make a call during working hours.

Keep in mind that these working hours can be curtailed by the Microsoft support center during weekends. You will get best response if you make a call between 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Checkout timing if you are going to make a call on Saturdays. It will be great if you can dial the phone number in normal working days and avoid the same on Sundays. When you get in touch with right authority, you can solve all puzzles in time.

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