Windows 10 Apps Not Opening

Windows 10 Apps Not Opening, while Windows 10 is in use, is a common error but it can do a bigger damage as it prevents you from enjoying the added perks of the operating systems features that you are supposed to get with new and improved applications. Since its first release about 18 months ago, Microsoft has been trying its best to woo desktop, tablet, and Windows-run smart phone users with fresh, friendly apps and gestures. That is why the company is still releasing lots of patches and updates regularly so that users face no fuss while bringing the best out of Windows 10 apps.

Essential free or paid Windows 10 apps

Adobe Photoshop Elements 15; Instagram; Facebook; Pandora; Hulu; Shazam; Netflix; Drawboard PDF; Music Maker Jam; iHeartRadio; TuneIn Radio; Movie Edit Pro Plus Windows Store Edition; Messenger; Viber; Sketchable; Houzz; Zen: Coloring book for adults; the Weather Channel; KVADPhoto+ PRO; Audiobooks from Audible; PicsArt – Photo Studio; PicsArt – Photo Studio; Flipboard; Dropbox; Plex; WatchESPN; USA TODAY; Twitter; TouchMail; Phototastic Collage; Uber; The Wall Street Journal; One Note; Yahoo Mail; and OpenTable.

Windows 10 users can also enjoy other apps, such as GuitarTapp Pro; Dictation App; LiveATC; AV Remote; Online Cameras; Flowdia Diagrams; hueDynamic; Package Tracker; freda+ ebook reader; Pin More; DigitalArtist; ArchiTech Sketchpad; Tweetium; FLV Player; Duplex Media Player +; Movie Edit Pro Plus Windows Store Edition; PDF Binder; WiFi Survey; Steam Tiles; Teleprompter Pro; Toca Life: School; Art Text; 2Day; iCircuit; Token2Shell/MD; Human Anatomy Atlas; WiFi Monitor; and Phonos Universal, at a stretch with the help of Windows 10 technical general and customer support service. And this service comes to you through the following communication channels: a live chat, a toll-free phone number, or an email message.

In Windows 10, the Redmond, Washington-based technology giant Microsoft has enhanced the Settings app in order to make it easy for all. Here, all users need to have access to the Settings app for enjoying newly-included. On Windows forums and community pages, a large number of users are complaining of the Settings app not opening when the Settings icon is tapped on the Start menu. Moreover, there are some issues indicating that clicking the Settings icon launches Store app in place of Settings app.

On Windows Store, whether you use modern apps or not, you might like to check out some good apps there.  It is also likely that you fail to open, load, or work the Windows App Store. If something like this happens with you, don’t get frustrated. Try these DIY instructions from the bag of Microsoft support professionals.

  • Adjust your date and time settings
  • Disable Proxy Connection
  • Run the Windows 10 Apps Troubleshooter
  • Clear Windows store cache

These suggestions will work better in your favor if you use these recommended solutions before using the 4-step approach. Users should be aware that their Windows PC has the ability to qualify all basic requirements. Make sure that you have enabled User Account Control (UAC) and also have an active internet connection for successfully connecting store and download apps. In addition, minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 in your PC will make things happen for you. Also check out if you are using an updated Video card driver or not.

If you are facing weird issues of Windows 10 apps can’t open; Windows 10 store not opening; or Windows 10 app store doesn’t work, all you need to do is to fix the issue with Apps in Windows 10. With a toll-free phone number, you are likely to get instant help for solving teething issues of apps not responding in Windows 10, reinstalling Windows 10 Store app, reinstall Windows Store in Windows 10, or Store app won’t open in Windows 10.


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