Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Turn off Windows 10 Automatic Updates in your Windows 10-run device to stop Windows 10 from updating your latest operating system without your permission. If your OS is updated frequently without your nod, it means it is a Microsoft push update to your Windows 10-run machine or Windows 10 update settings in your OS are enabled by default. When you have an auto update setting on, push updates force your system to automatically download new patches and enable them, whether you are interested in doing so or not. The latest security patches from Microsoft are auto installed to help users get better output from their devices. In maximum cases, these patches make things quite tough for users and compel them to search for the right assistance from the right resource to disable automatic updates Windows 10 Home.

With lots of support resources, such as Windows support center, Windows forums, Windows community pages, or Windows blogs on official websites, available in the competitive market, resolving the issue of disabling automatic updates Windows 10 has become a child’s play. These resources help you not only disable Windows Update Windows 10 but also turn off automatic restarts Windows 10 Update with some DIY instructions that you can use easily to make things happen in your favor. It will be great for you if you can understand the process of how Windows 10 manage automatic updates and Windows 10 configure automatic updates as per needs of Windows users. When you have a good knowledge of analyzing the resources better, you can easily understand the utility and value of these patches. Even, you will understand if it is a good idea to go for new updates or not.

Following are 3 different ways that you can use in order to tackle automatic updates in Windows 10 as per your changing preferences. These DIY instructions or suggestions will help you know how to stop Automatic Updates and how to stop Windows 10 from updating without facing any sort of hassles. Go ahead with this 3-step approach:

  • Method 1: Using Metered Connection
  • Method 2: Using Microsoft’s Tool
  • Method 3: Using Group Policy Editor

In the first type of method, we find that Windows 10 sets certain connection types by default as metered with some data limitations in order to prevent costly data downloading. But, you can set any connection type as being metered with the help of the Windows 10 Settings application (Windows key + I), Network & Internet, turning on metered connection.

Sometimes, using Microsoft’s Tool can be a great help when a very specific Windows update or driver update is problematic. With Microsoft’s Tool as handy feature, you can easily stop Windows 10 from installing specific updates without your permission. Here “Show or hide updates” tool from Microsoft will make things happen in your favor. Just download it, let it search auto updates, and unhide previously hidden updates.

The last method is concerned with the use of Group Policy Editor and the same should be used with Windows 10 Pro edition only. Here, you simply need to get access to the Group Policy Editor, navigate the directory, highlight configuration of auto update settings, set the configuration with available options, and revert back to the default state for a favorable outcome.

When you successfully turn off Windows 10 automatic updates, you get a better reason to control your Windows 10 in a never before. By turning off and turning on auto updates as per your convenience, you can bring the best out of the operating system in an effective manner.

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