Windows 10 Update Addresses the Cortana Issues

With every new enhancement to the technology, technical problems do always follow the change – and this is what has also happened to Windows 10 operating system. With the introduction of Windows 10 operating system for the public, a number of odd issues have emerged before the users who have upgraded their computer system to the latest OS.

Among the identified issues, technical problem with Cortana is somehow one of the most irritating ones that almost every user has reported to Microsoft support team. As Cortana has uniquely been designed to work as a digital assistant – similar to Siri on iOS – which helps the users get preferred outcomes through the voice recognition technology.

Windows 10 Cortana Support

Some of the users have reported that they come across an abrupt technical issue at the time when they start Cortana on their computer system. It shows no location or language identified when some users start using the digital assistant. On the other hand, Cortana does also fail to bring you the result that you want to search on the internet.

Most of the issues with Cortana are based on language and region settings. Initially, Microsoft had added very few selected regions and languages; consequently, the users outside the USA witnessed the problem whenever they tap Cortana digital assistant. Over the period, Microsoft rolled out several updates to Cortana and phased out the identified issues. But some of the issues are still there in place to put an obstacle in the way.

On the other hand, live technical help for Windows 10 Cortana is also available for the users who come across technical issues while using the digital assistant. You don’t need to get worried, as the solution is always within your reach and you can prevail over the problem easily without any technical problem.

Get new update for your Windows 10 Cortana:

Microsoft has recently rolled out a new update for the Windows 10 Cortana to address technical issues what are being identified by the users. It is aimed to increase the technical capabilities of Cortana to get more languages and regions so as to support the voice recognition.

It is automatically being updated to the Cortana, however if you don’t see the change in your Windows 10 computer system, then you can contact Windows 10 support and get a real time solution. The professionals are quite experienced and good at all new features and applications of Windows 10. Simply dial the toll free support phone number and get a real time access to experienced techie.

Issues after Anniversary Updates:

Many of the users had confronted some irritating issues after the Anniversary Update was released. They got some of the functionalities replaced by new one and it was quite a strange step by several users. If you do also find it weird due to some new enhancements to the virtual assistant, then you should contact a technician who can help you set the new updated features in accordance with your requirements. Some new regional settings have been added to it so as to help more and more users. So, first of all, ensure that the settings for regional languages and regions are quite correct.

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