Windows 10 Cortana Issues and Reliable Tech Support to Repair the Problem

Cortana is termed to be one of the most talked-about features of new Windows 10 operating system. With a number of technological wonders and worthwhile tools, the digital assistant Cortana makes it quite possible for the users to get the things easy on their Windows 10 computer system.

But how it can remain unharmed from technical problems – some issues have made the digital assistant undergo some sorts of technical problems unnecessarily. Most of the users have reported that they see error message that Cortana is not available in their region, or it doesn’t support the language that they have set in Cortana.

Cortana Technical Support

In addition to these issues, some of the users have reported that their Cortana doesn’t work properly – some of its tools may go unresponsive due to one or another technical problem.

Whatever the issues you come across while using Cortana on your Windows 10 computer system, you would better contact a technician and get a real time Windows 10 Cortana technical support to fix all those issues that you come across. It is always recommended to take an immediate action at the moment when you come across any error message.

It’s quite easy to prevail over the problem, but you may require experts’ suggestions if you are new to the Windows 10 OS. Here are some possible solutions that you can implement to correct the digital assistant and make it work as per your requirements:

  • Click Start sign in the bottom left corner and open Cortana
  • Go to the settings and check if the language and region section are duly selected. There is a possibility that you might have selected the language that is not supported by Microsoft. Check the list of languages supported by Microsoft.
  • Make sure the Audio settings are duly set up properly
  • Now restart your computer system and check if the things are now working properly.

If your Cortana is still unable to find your language and location, then you would better contact an expert who can help you find the best possible solution in a real time without wasting your valuable hours.

Some of the advanced methods such as creating new admin account, resetting PC configuration, creating local admin account, and many more are implemented to repair all the issues related to Cortana. But it all depends on the way how the troubleshooting procedures are implemented. Most of the techniques are advanced in several manners – so try always to take all these techniques with the help of experienced professionals. Dial technical helpline number for Windows 10  and ensure no technical obstacle any longer.

What is required here is to make a right move and be careful all the time so that no additional issue comes your way while repairing “Cortana not working” issue. Before you contact a techie, make sure you are selecting an experienced and professional technician. It is of high importance to spend some hours over selecting a right professional for your worthwhile digital personal assistant Cortana.

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