Tips To Fix Top Most Windows 10 Upgrade Installation Annoyance

From its free-upgrade facility until July 29, 2016 to its paid upgrade version initiated after the same date, Windows 10 has come of age and widely used on billions of desktops, PCs, and laptops. The story of free upgrade that started with loads of errors is still not very different.
Windows 10 users are still facing lots of challenges and errors while installing an upgrade, even you are paying for it. If Windows 10 installation fails frequently, all you can do is to look for Windows 10 upgrade technical help so that you can expect a better and hassle-free Windows 10 installation. As the most talked-about OS and its installation process are susceptible to faults, glitches, and hardware slip-ups, the following discussion puts a light upon the top most teasing issues occurred while upgrading and installation Windows 10, and their possible solutions.

Windows 10 Upgrading Support

System reserved partition update problem: The primary function of System Reserved Partition is to execute an indispensable system recovery. Basically, older versions of Windows own a small system reserved partition of 100 to 300 MBs. But Windows 10 demands 500-600 MBs for a smooth functionality. There Windows 10 users can kick out this issue by resizing the partition themselves.

‘Something happened’ error: This error message hits your screen when you try to install a free or paid Windows 10 upgrade. This error is useless, but it is an irritating problem. And the solution comes through this procedure:

  • Run Windows media creation tool as administrator
  • Alter Locale and Language Settings to American English
  • Remove an already installed antivirus program that may block the OS
  • Facilitate required services with services.msc
  • Fix the usage of registry editor

Error Code 0xC1900208 – 0x4000C: This is a common Windows 10 setup error showing you have a mismatched application installed on PC. And the same also emerges as a big hassle in completing the upgrade process from getting completed. Here as a Windows 10 user, you need to go for a thorough check process if you have installed an app that is not compatible with your system. Once you detect where the loophole is, you can easily uninstall the app to upgrade the PC or can seek expert assistance dialing a toll-free Windows 10 support number.

Chaotic ISO images: While using Microsoft Media Creation tool, it is probable you notice that you have a damaged or corrupt media that doesn’t allow you to make a successful Windows 10 installation.  Modifying written files is awfully difficult. All you can do here is to make the tool run again for the purpose of Windows 10 installation. If all is not well, you may need to get access to another laptop. Moreover, you may also need to install the older Windows version once more.

System has no media driver: In case you prefer to install the upgrade using USB media or DVD, it is likely that you have corrupt installed files. Here, Windows users can try the same media on a different computer to know where the problem lies. If you still think things are not going your way as the same error message is hitting your screen frequently, then you can download the ISO again and restructure the install media.

These suggestions are proven. If you find these suggestions no so great for installing the Windows 10, then you can seek expert advice for better outcomes.

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