Impressive Windows 10 New Features

There are several windows 10 features which have been introduced by the windows support team recently. For windows help, customers simply need to call windows using the microsoft windows phone number for customer service. Making use of the windows tech support phone number lets customers obtain windows free support along with windows 10 tips and windows 10 tricks. The team of professionals working at microsoft windows support know about every new update or error. Hence, staying in regular touch with windows customer support keeps customers aware of each and every windows 10 update. With new updates comes latest windows 10 update problems, and to solve those customers need to call windows technical support.

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Following are the top 10 best new windows 10 features:-

  • People App: The show people app button can be seen in the taskbar. It enables windows users to connect with family, friends, and acquaintances via email and Skype directly from the taskbar.
  • Mixed Reality Feature: Click on the start menu, type Mixed Reality and get ready to see a wonderful experience of 3D reality. You only have to keep your webcam for this.
  • OneDrive On-Demand: This feature saves the time for windows users and provides them a platform to edit, view and download different files in the onedrive cloud storage.
  • Phone Link: This feature allows you to link your iOS or Android phones with your windows 10 computer or laptop.
  • Emoji Panel: Windows now has its own default emoji keyboard. Simply use the windows key + (.) key or windows key + (;) key to get access to it.
  • Microsoft Edge Enhancements: Users now have it easy to pin a website on edge. They can even pin a website on the start menu if needed.
  • Story Remix: This exciting feature provides 3D editing facilities to the windows customer.
  • GPU Statistics: Windows taskbar now allows windows geeks to get access to GPU statistics at once.
  • Effortless Fluent Design System: It gives an all-new look to Windows. There will be regular enhancements made to this system from time to time.
  • Linux Integration: Users can now install the Linux function directly from the start menu by using the windows features option.

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