Express Fix for Windows XP Connectivity Issues

Easily get rid of windows xp problems by the use of windows xp support. You need to call windows support in order to attain windows free support for issues. The windows tech support service is available via the phone number for windows support. Thus, you need to call windows in order to get the windows xp connected but no internet issue settled. You would be delighted to know that windows telephone support professionals offer the best possible technical support for windows.

Many users, in order to repair network connection windows xp issue start using windows in safe mode.  If you still can’t connect to internet windows xp wireless, it is best to make use of windows phone support. The microsoft windows customer support service helps to attain steps to troubleshoot windows XP network connection issues. The windows xp support phone number is required for users to connect with windows help and support professionals. You would be able to find detailed information on; In fact, in urgent cases, you would even get a call from windows technical support to successfully resolve the windows XP not connecting to internet Ethernet issues.  The windows help phone number is accessible at all times, thus you can use the contact number for windows technical support as soon as you encounter an error.

Besides the windows tech support phone number, customers may also make use of windows live-chat support to settle the windows xp internet not working but connected issue. Simply follow the steps mentioned below to get rid of this problem: –

Step 1 -> Download WinSox XP Fix on your computer and then click on WinsockxpFix.exe to run the program.

Step 2 -> the program will open with two options made available, Fix or ReG (registry)-Backup. Choose the FIX option and go ahead.

(In case, you choose a backup option, click on ReG-Backup and in the next window and choose a location to Backup to. After that, select all Backup options and simply click OK.)

Step 3 -> After clicking FIX, Click “Yes” to the Apply the VB_Winsock fix? –  The dialogue box that comes up.

Step 4 -> The Repair speed depends on the speed of your internet or network. After repair gets completed, click OK to Restart

NOTE: Before following these steps, make sure that you have backed up all the important data.

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